“the message”

hola amigos!

this piece i’m about to unveil was from the “Grip It and Rip It” custom skate deck show that was held at the Vera Project a lil while back.

i had a lot of fun customizing this skate deck…i hadn’t done one in a long while, so i went all out!….i started by making my own comic book story board using the clippings of several vintage comics….then layered some spray paint speckles n such until it was a nice background to work with…then came the character.  this time around i painted the wander with NO black lines…i love the softer look that it creates… i chose to go horizontal to emphasize  the massive length of the characters arms….the plethora of writing utensils in the wander’s pocket symbolize the need to get to work…the face patch and furry arm cover symbolize the characters inner beast breaking through into his everyday situation….all the while he’s trying to give his heart away.  as you may or may not know, i love drawing/painting watches…so this time i went overboard!  the title, “the message” refers to the message that’s displayed on the watch faces: “be sure to drink your ovaltine.”  i always thought it was SO funny how Ralphie (A Christmas Story) thought the message was gonna be so important…and then once decoded it was a “crumby commercial”…anyways, without further delay…

“the message” (multi media on skate deck)….(still up for grabs! only $375!)

farewell for now.


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