Hugs and Kisses.

Hello again friends!

I know it’s been way too long…I’m trying to be a better blogger!  I thought I’d make it up by dropping a blog-exclusive Dunny set!  It’s a set of 8 custom 3 inchers called, “Hugs and Kisses.” There are 4 hugs and 4 kisses…each comes equipped with a handmade bag w/ matching shoelace drawstring, a signature tag, and Dunny name cards. Only $40!!!

The “Hugs” are the speckled ones of the bunch…this is to represent that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re being squeezed.

The “Kisses” are the drippy fellas…this is in relation to the sensation you experience when someone plants one on you.

here’s the fellas…


…if you’d like one, hit me up: or facebook/solacewonder.




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One Response to “Hugs and Kisses.”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Umm, HOLLER!!!

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