BGBG recap

Howdy Y’all!

Just wanted to drop a line and do a little artshow recap! As you may or may not know, I along with EGO, Kinoko, and Sohaila Adela were just at the Portland Upper Playground to unveil our four person show, “Boy-Girl, Boy-Girl.”  A large time was had by all and the art work was off the hinges…as per usual!  If you have a chance and are in the Portland area, the show will be up through March…check it out!!!

…and now onto some flicks from the show!

this is my favorite of Ego’s collection…after seeing this, it got me wanting a custom Capricorn tatt by the man!

…had to drop this pic…i love the leopard print undies on the dude!

“autumn’s lament” solace x ego collabo

Kinoko has mad print skills!

i love this one!

1 of 4 light boxes by the talented Sohaila Adela!  You have to see these up close.

Sohaila’s line work is amazing!

“i see london”

“i see france”

“there’s somethin’ wigglin’ in those underpants”

a detail shot of “genesis” a collabo i did with carlos aguilar.

here’s a tiny piece of my favorite piece i did in the show…unfortunately all the flicks i took of this piece turned out blurry…so this is the best i can do so far. (it’s also the birth of a new character! “Al Dente, the sweet tooth”


so there you have it! a lil recap action…more flicks from the show and a video is in the works…STAY TUNED!


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