a VERY SPECIAL friday treat…

as an artiste i’m not quite sure how i feel about the whole preview images for shows thing…i mean i guess as long as you’re not showing ALL of them…or zooming in on a detail rather than the whole piece…anyway…i’ma show a lil preview image of my own.  i’m really hyped on this piece….it’s for a show called, “Monsters and Aliens” ….curated by Zinn (one of the coolest little dudes i know!) ….the show goes down in april at Bherd Studios…(more details soon)

ENOUGH ALREADY…..here it is…..

“the fur burglar cometh”

…the fur burglar is a pesky little fella that dwells in laundry piles and around washers and dryers. ever wonder why you always come up a sock short?…look no further.


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