another one bites the dust…

howdy all.


i’m not sure about other artists…but when i’ve had a painting laying around for awhile and it seems like nothing is going to come of it, i paint over the bastard!  i’ve been doing it since i started painting and i’ll continue to do so!  i’ve never gone back to fix a painting and i don’t think i ever will…because i’m always progressing and moving forward, it  makes more sense to cut bait and keep keepin on.  anyway, having said that…here is a live painting i did for D-List Magazine for one of their partys…we had to use the Mickey Avalon cover as the jump off for the piece…this is what i came up with…unfortunately this piece is no longer with us…but here’s a taste non-the-less.


on the bright side…this piece was the genesis of my “happy pill” characters!




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