Get’n Busy…

howdy folks…

some of you may have heard…for those who haven’t, I’M GETTING A STUDIO SPACE!!!…it’s been a long time coming and as of April 1 (no fooling), i’ll be in like Flynn!  it seems like the closer it comes to getting the new work space i’ve been getting more done at the current space…for example, here are 3 pcs in various stages of production:

only a background so far…i’ve been calling it, “orangina” …i don’t like blank canvases, so i always do a round of backgrounds to have until i’m inspired to finish.

we’ve seen this one before at an earlier stage…i’ve gotten the background as far as i’m gonna take it in preparation for the character elements.

“we ALL scream for ice cream.” finished piece for the “monsters and aliens” show i’m in next month.  this is the last preview image i’ll be showing…i’ve just been having so much fun painting for this show, i had to leak something!




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One Response to “Get’n Busy…”

  1. INQ... Says:

    Great work brah! Congrats on the new space… can’t wait to get into one myself.

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