…and here we gooooooooo

Hey y’all,

Yet another artsy update…this one is a tad-bit different…TODAY marks the kick-off of a month long gallery transformation project I’ve taken on.  As you may know, I’m part of a co-op gallery/studio space at the Greenwood Collective called, “home suite home.”  (we do 2nd Friday artwalks)

Due to hectic work schedules, scheduling conflicts, and a few repairs we did not open last Friday.  To my surprise there was an overwhelming amount of comments and questions regarding our closure.  This project, which I am calling, “that time of the month,” is my response to your response.  This is going to be one of the most challenging projects/experiments I’ve ever undertaken!  I’ve committed to making it to the studio EVERYDAY from yesterday until the next artwalk. (may 13 – june 8).  In this time I will be creating an installation space that utilizes the entire gallery!  I will also be documenting the entire process via photography, video, and web updates.  The unveiling of this madness will be the 2nd Friday of next month.  (June 8) …and the behind the scenes documentary will follow shortly after.  I hope you have fun staying tuned and traveling along for this adventure with your pal Solace!

Here’s a lil peek at the progress I’ve made so far…

here we gooooooooo…..

out with old…in with the new

get’n in them nooks n crannies

now that that’s finished…lets have some fun!!!!…..

…gotta limber up first!…don’t wanna cramp up

clownin’ around.

…until next time friends…




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One Response to “…and here we gooooooooo”

  1. Ego Says:

    Sassy bitch!

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