Day 2

Hello All,

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I’ll be charting my progress of the month long gallery transformation project I’ve committed to.  Here’s a lil peek at the goings on…

the day started with some severe tidying up…dusting, sweeping, furniture removal/storage, shuffling of things, and boarding up the windows so no one can peek.

Little Caesar’s was my very first job as a youth…who’d a thought all these years later I’d be putting in work using one of their pizza boxes!?!

this pink is just too luscious…i had to turn the corner with it

breaking the pink into pattern

here’s where it starts to get REAL juicy

making it nice and saucy


Thanks for tuning in y’all! Keep checking in on me, this is gonna get even crazier!!! (here’s where to find me…blog, facebook, twitter, instagram)…..AND if you really wanna see what’s going on, for the next week if you wanna drop by the studio and check it out in person, feel free! (get at me to make sure itsa poppin first)

see you tomorrow.



(p.s. thanks to John Osgood for get’n the snaps with me in ’em)


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