Day 4

Howdy All!

Still with me?  …we’re 4 days into the gallery beautification process!


Day 4 was all about finishing up the face pattern on the pink section and getting real swampy with the color drips in some of the blank areas…

SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS! it is important to stretch and limber up before, during, and after!

workin it from up on the ladder down to the squat position, get my exercise in too.

…and there we go…i can live with that for now…onto the drips!

gonna need a lil of the ol’ poo poo brown

…some Slimer green….and…

Smurf blue.

sauce monster solace getting busy with the doo doo brown. (that ish SERIOUSLY smelled…whEW!)

making it a tad more smurfy. (love the drips running through my fingers)

not bad for a days’ work (this badass portrait courtesy of the talented and gorgeous Vedada)

remember…if you wanna hop on down sometime this next week and see the goings on, gimme a holler!

see you tomorrow friends!



(THANK YOU’s to Vedada and John Osgood for the snaps with me in em)




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