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March 4, 2013

Remember the game Telephone that you played as a child. We took that idea and ran with it. But instead of using a saying or phrase to pass along we used artwork. 22 local artist interpreted the previous artist work and passed it along to the next artist. 6 different threads will bring forth insight to an artist’s ideas and direction from a previous artist’s creation. This show will be held in two different galleries. Both Bherd Studios Gallery & Home Suite Home Gallery will be showing artists work that has been created over the last 6 months. Come out and see the progression of each thread in Greenwood Artwalk.

Participating Artists: Aaron Jasinski, Amy Huddleston, Andrea Wicklund, Augie Pagan, Carlos Aguilar, Curtis Ashby, Chris Sheridan, Crystal Barbre, Dan Voelker, Ego, Jeremy Gregory, Joe Vollan, John Osgood, Larkin Cypher, Levi Hastings, Mat Savage, Megon Shore, Parskid, Quincy Quigg, Siolo Thompson, Sam Wallis, & Tatjana Pavicevic

You don’t wanna miss this one! Hope to see you there!





now this is going to happen!…

November 10, 2011

ello again friends…it’s your old pal solace. yes, i’m okay…no, i didn’t fall in a ditch….i’ve just been mega busy!!!! so enough with the chatter….here’s some pics of stuff that’s been going down…and there’s plenty more on the way. cheers.

a pic from the vault from back in the day…being that it’s movember, i thought i’d unearth this hairy flick for you…

this is what i was putting together on the sewing machine…a custom free-standing giraffe for the homie’s galpal.

whilst preparing some backgrounds, this lil fella decided to dive bomb my situation…he has since taken one for the team and been glazed over…finish product pics coming soon…

collaboration with John Osgood for the “Incorporated” show that popped off a while back…”the birds and the bees

a close-up of “the sweetest bee keeper

“blossom buddies” edition of 12 signed and numbered handmade plush awesomeness. (some still available, holler at your boy) (they make great gifts…just sayin)

if you weren’t able to make it out to this show…here’s a little recap…you’re sure to see more of Gabrielle’s work soon!…

thee artiste hangin tough

main wall display. (collograph prints)


…and the take down….to see more, check out Gabrielle Crowther.

big ups to ma dukes for kickin down the shelf!!!…now the Family Fortune wears is looking official! GET SOME!

if you missed this show at the Twilight Gallery, shame on you! (i still love you) here’s a few of the tasty morsels….

4 of 8 custom target posters (i’ve got a few left…holler)

some of the illustrations from the main wall…this series was a blast to research and paint.

“the messenger” *inspired by “ghostdog

“rubbed out” *inspired by “miller’s crossing

“right hand man” *inspired by “miller’s crossing”

“another qualude and she’ll love me in the morning” *inspired by “scarface” …i have a few pieces left from this collection…so if you want a lil g thang in your life, holla!

i got the studio clean just in time to have another art explosion! i’ve got about 5 projects cooking currently…stay tuned for the feast!

progress…no rest for the wicked.

i’m gonna end this lil buffet with a piece i commissioned from the homie, CASH.  i was lucky enough that he was feeling one of my pieces, so i was able to trade for this lil fella. I’ve always loved orioles, the team and the bird…now i gotta ill version for the crib!  THANKS CASH!!!

that’s all for now, thanks for sticking with me!…more to come!