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“the early worm gets the bird”

March 11, 2011


so as you  may or may not know, Boxes of Death 2 went down last week and it was truly epic!  tons of cool peeps and a lot of amazing pieces!


….and for your viewing pleasure, here’s what i cooked up…

“the early worm gets the bird”

custom satin’d out coffin with lil hand painted birdie…hand sewn plush stumps, bones, and a 45ft long worm!

the culprit

pretty bird


…thanks DUFFY for the invite and putting together all those coffins!!!



February 28, 2011

Howdy friends!

Just a quick lil something to say hello and let y’all know that i’ve been in the lab hard at work! There’s lots of good shows coming up to check out!  “Boxes of Death 2“….”Sidekicks and Henchmen“….and “Blank Canvas“….among many more!…anyway, just wanted to show you the finished product for the Gizmo piece that I did for the homey Drew.

“dressed for success”

a close up of the madness!

alrighty….that should tide ya over for a lil while! 🙂 more pics of all the awesomeness coming your way real soon….stay tuned!