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…it’s the final countdown!

June 6, 2012

The show is only a couple of days away people!!!  I’m get’n my booty in gear obviously!…and since every second counts, the posts are gonna be pretty quick n dirty from here on out…

i started the day spending a small fortune at home depot, the fabric store, and the art store.

…and then i put some of them art supplies to use and planted a garden.

taking a lil break from the paint to man the lens.

…and that’s all folks!  see you soon!




onward ho!

June 5, 2012

Greetings from the Sollywood Forest

Oh, hey...You getting excited for the show?!? …I am!  …there’s going to be a special musical performance by Dead Hot!!!…I’m going to raffle off a few paintings! We’re gonna have a cocktail special! My family is gonna be there! What else do you need?!?!?

best to get back to work! …a little spritz here…a few speckles there…alright, starting to look sharp!


this might look like a somewhat impressive collection, but most of these cans are a few blasts away from extinction.

Teching out the beast lord.

Keep it spicy friends! …until next time…



(extra super primo shouts out to Vedada for all of the help in realizing this project, and keeping me diligent!)

fox with this!

May 31, 2012

Ello ello ello!

…as many of you know, or have seen, i have a graphic style…in the spirit of this project and testing skills and patience, i decided to manhandle some aerosol realism… far, so good if i do say so myself…

palette of the beast…a mix of belton molotow and montana94. (this project is wiping out my can stash!)

Oh, hey girl…yeah, just painting this fox….which isn’t nearly as foxy as you!

taming the beast.

don’t bite the hand that paints you!

…hands so fast he could out-spin the Flash!

Thanks for playing along with my antics! Until next time friends…



(Extra special thanks to Jen Lowen from Greenfire for hooking up the printing of the propoganda and Vedada for the snaps.)

time to get busy!

May 29, 2012

Hello all!

I hope your long weekend was restful and relaxing!…I managed to stay quite busy and diligent…even though the sun was begging me to come play!

Oh, hey girl! welcome back to Home Suite Home…wanna see the progress?…

time to make a little magic…some of solace’s famous technicolor foliage

…the first layer to fluff out the tree…

…and KABOOM!  …complete with some spooky on-lookers, i think this is ready to move on…

a close up of the critters in the trees…from the lil fellas and myself, thanks again for stopping by! see you soon!



…and here we gooooooooo

May 14, 2012

Hey y’all,

Yet another artsy update…this one is a tad-bit different…TODAY marks the kick-off of a month long gallery transformation project I’ve taken on.  As you may know, I’m part of a co-op gallery/studio space at the Greenwood Collective called, “home suite home.”  (we do 2nd Friday artwalks)

Due to hectic work schedules, scheduling conflicts, and a few repairs we did not open last Friday.  To my surprise there was an overwhelming amount of comments and questions regarding our closure.  This project, which I am calling, “that time of the month,” is my response to your response.  This is going to be one of the most challenging projects/experiments I’ve ever undertaken!  I’ve committed to making it to the studio EVERYDAY from yesterday until the next artwalk. (may 13 – june 8).  In this time I will be creating an installation space that utilizes the entire gallery!  I will also be documenting the entire process via photography, video, and web updates.  The unveiling of this madness will be the 2nd Friday of next month.  (June 8) …and the behind the scenes documentary will follow shortly after.  I hope you have fun staying tuned and traveling along for this adventure with your pal Solace!

Here’s a lil peek at the progress I’ve made so far…

here we gooooooooo…..

out with old…in with the new

get’n in them nooks n crannies

now that that’s finished…lets have some fun!!!!…..

…gotta limber up first!…don’t wanna cramp up

clownin’ around.

…until next time friends…