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taming the beast…

June 1, 2012

Howdy all,

I did it! My first “photo real” attempt with spray paint…not terrible…i definitely wanna keep practicing!

the sensation of completion is overwhelming!

i was thinkin this fella would look cool with some lasers shooting out of his grill…

awe yeah!…it’s getting there…

it was hard to see what i was looking at with my nose so close to the piece…i had to keep looking back at the camera screen to see what it was really looking like

prep’n ain’t easy! …get a lil jump start on the next day…

see ya buddy!

Alrighty then, that should do it for now…the show is A WEEK AWAY!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hope to see you there!…and TONIGHT, don’t miss Weirdo‘s show,”Ambiguous” at the Vermillion.




time to get busy!

May 29, 2012

Hello all!

I hope your long weekend was restful and relaxing!…I managed to stay quite busy and diligent…even though the sun was begging me to come play!

Oh, hey girl! welcome back to Home Suite Home…wanna see the progress?…

time to make a little magic…some of solace’s famous technicolor foliage

…the first layer to fluff out the tree…

…and KABOOM!  …complete with some spooky on-lookers, i think this is ready to move on…

a close up of the critters in the trees…from the lil fellas and myself, thanks again for stopping by! see you soon!