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March 4, 2013

Remember the game Telephone that you played as a child. We took that idea and ran with it. But instead of using a saying or phrase to pass along we used artwork. 22 local artist interpreted the previous artist work and passed it along to the next artist. 6 different threads will bring forth insight to an artist’s ideas and direction from a previous artist’s creation. This show will be held in two different galleries. Both Bherd Studios Gallery & Home Suite Home Gallery will be showing artists work that has been created over the last 6 months. Come out and see the progression of each thread in Greenwood Artwalk.

Participating Artists: Aaron Jasinski, Amy Huddleston, Andrea Wicklund, Augie Pagan, Carlos Aguilar, Curtis Ashby, Chris Sheridan, Crystal Barbre, Dan Voelker, Ego, Jeremy Gregory, Joe Vollan, John Osgood, Larkin Cypher, Levi Hastings, Mat Savage, Megon Shore, Parskid, Quincy Quigg, Siolo Thompson, Sam Wallis, & Tatjana Pavicevic

You don’t wanna miss this one! Hope to see you there!





Day 3

May 16, 2012


Welcome to the day 3 recap.

i knew yesterday was gonna be lengthy, so i had to stock up on the snacks

…i began working my way around the room blocking in some color

the saucy solace magic

..and the dripped-out doorway.

i loooooooove this color! it’s like creamsicle.

making it rain.

a lil tangerine shower.

…and the camera’s came out for filming…

camera check – one

camera check – two ….rolling!

doodling some of the wander faces to make a spiffy background pattern

eye level

everything else i can reach without a ladder…time to pack up.

Whew! Day 3 y’all! ….thanks for stopping by…i’ll see you tomorrow.



(THANK YOU’s to Vedada and John Osgood for the snaps with me in em)

Day 2

May 15, 2012

Hello All,

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I’ll be charting my progress of the month long gallery transformation project I’ve committed to.  Here’s a lil peek at the goings on…

the day started with some severe tidying up…dusting, sweeping, furniture removal/storage, shuffling of things, and boarding up the windows so no one can peek.

Little Caesar’s was my very first job as a youth…who’d a thought all these years later I’d be putting in work using one of their pizza boxes!?!

this pink is just too luscious…i had to turn the corner with it

breaking the pink into pattern

here’s where it starts to get REAL juicy

making it nice and saucy


Thanks for tuning in y’all! Keep checking in on me, this is gonna get even crazier!!! (here’s where to find me…blog, facebook, twitter, instagram)…..AND if you really wanna see what’s going on, for the next week if you wanna drop by the studio and check it out in person, feel free! (get at me to make sure itsa poppin first)

see you tomorrow.



(p.s. thanks to John Osgood for get’n the snaps with me in ’em)

put this on your calendars!

April 9, 2012

pencil in these dates friends…there’s some goooood stuff coming up!

This Thursday (12th), the homie Quincy Quigg is hosting a show that i’ll have a piece in…peep the link for deets:  “God’s Green Gift”

This Friday…(Friday the 13th)….is going to be off the hook! …first off:

I’m SUPER hyped to have been a part of this awesome project!  Shouts out to Michelle and John Osgood for corralling all us knuckleheads and making this a reality!!!  If you can make it to this…you SHOULD!…most of the artists will be in the house, so you can get your book signed.

…also that night:

…i thought it would be fun to host an artshow that focused on the classic tv shows i grew up with…and what better title, right?!? ….come join me/us on Friday for a trip down memory lane.




So much to do….

February 7, 2012

Hello friends!

Long time, no blog…blah blah blah….what can i say, i’m an artist! 😉 having said that….here’s some places and times to check out my work.  Hope to see you all there!

this is my first showing of the year…come peep the awesomeness with myself, dear earthling, 13 fngrs, and ricardo ramirez. (it’s part of the Capitol Hill Artwalk-2nd Thursdays….at True Love Art Gallery)

I’m SUPER hyped about this show!! This is my first curated show of the year.  For this one, I asked a hand full of ladies to be a part of the magic-and they in turn asked a fella to complete a collaborative art piece.  Come and see how the pairings panned out!  (This show is part of the 2nd Friday Artwalk at The Greenwood Collective)…while you’re in the house, don’t miss spectacular lady-themed shows at Bherd Studios and Urban Light Studios…there’s sure to be sexy times had by all!  Come with your party pants on ready to boogie!

Duffy and the Piranha Shop are at it again with Boxes of Death 3-d!!!  This year the show goes on the road!  Be sure to peep when it hits your hometown, this is gon be off the hoooooooooooooook!

and also coming soon!…Bherd Studios is dropping a book representing the NorthWest art scene.  You can expect to see yours’ truly and 32 other artists from this neck of the hood! It’s sure to be amazing!  come get your copy, meet the artists, get your book signed, and peep some sweet original work!

so that’s it for now! must get back to the salt mines and get crackin! i hope to see you at these shows! come say hello!

ps. starting in March i’ll be opening up the flood gates to commissions….if you’d like a lil custom solace in your life-HOLLA!

tah tah.