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onward ho!

June 5, 2012

Greetings from the Sollywood Forest

Oh, hey...You getting excited for the show?!? …I am!  …there’s going to be a special musical performance by Dead Hot!!!…I’m going to raffle off a few paintings! We’re gonna have a cocktail special! My family is gonna be there! What else do you need?!?!?

best to get back to work! …a little spritz here…a few speckles there…alright, starting to look sharp!


this might look like a somewhat impressive collection, but most of these cans are a few blasts away from extinction.

Teching out the beast lord.

Keep it spicy friends! …until next time…



(extra super primo shouts out to Vedada for all of the help in realizing this project, and keeping me diligent!)


time to get busy!

May 29, 2012

Hello all!

I hope your long weekend was restful and relaxing!…I managed to stay quite busy and diligent…even though the sun was begging me to come play!

Oh, hey girl! welcome back to Home Suite Home…wanna see the progress?…

time to make a little magic…some of solace’s famous technicolor foliage

…the first layer to fluff out the tree…

…and KABOOM!  …complete with some spooky on-lookers, i think this is ready to move on…

a close up of the critters in the trees…from the lil fellas and myself, thanks again for stopping by! see you soon!



twelth night

May 25, 2012


Let’s dive right in…shall we….

I spent the day on this wall hashing out the character and jazzing up the window treatment.

doctoring up them shrubs.

i love adding the drop shadow from the character onto the wall…it makes them pop off like crazy!

palette for the leaf pattern. (a.k.a. solace camo, technicolor foliage, sollywood forest)

nature’s stencil

that should just about do it.

oh, hey girl…just putting a few last spritzes on the beast.

always a pleasure…thanks again for stopping by!



(shouts out to John Osgood for the snaps with me in them)

it’s been a while….

May 26, 2011

Howdy all!

It’s been quite a while since my last post…sorry about that!  I was a lil pooped after putting on the Potluck show…had to take a much needed break from things!  A HUGE and HEARTY THANK YOU to everyone involved with the Potluck show!!!  Thanks to all of the great artists and businesses we were able to raise over 250lbs of food and just shy of $300 for the Greenwood/Phinney Food Bank!!! Truly epic!

Next up, I wanted to take a moment to show y’all some of the flicks that got taken of yours truly…I had the pleasure of meeting recently with Richard Darbonne…he is a top-notch photographer!…Richard is currently working on a project where he captures the essence of some of the local artists…through a series of portraits and whatnot, i think he’s hitting the nail on the head…enough with the talk, here’s the goods!

(paint by number wall in background courtesy of UrbanLight Studios in The Greenwood Collective)

hello…is it me you’re looking for?

solace is for the kids…he’s the dj….i’m the rapper.

sex panther!

Thanks again to Richard Darbonne for making me look like a pimp!!! Keep your eyes peeled too…there’s quite a line-up of artists that Richard will be working with….and maybe a book?!?!?

I wanted to take this chance to show y’all how i’ve been nestling into the new art diggs….as you may or may not know, i now have an art studio! (ooooh professional!) ….the fellas i share the space with and myself have finally settled on a name for the space…so stay tuned for all the news and goings on to come! here’s some flicks of my new nook:

here’s a lil sneaky peak of something i got in the works….

…and another lil sneaky peak

here’s one of the latest backgrounds i’ve been working on…spring is here…so the leaf pattern is back!

anyhoo…thanks for tuning in….just wanted to check in and update y’all!  there’s tons of stuff on the horizon, i’ll do my best to keep you posted!