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…it’s the final countdown!

June 6, 2012

The show is only a couple of days away people!!!  I’m get’n my booty in gear obviously!…and since every second counts, the posts are gonna be pretty quick n dirty from here on out…

i started the day spending a small fortune at home depot, the fabric store, and the art store.

…and then i put some of them art supplies to use and planted a garden.

taking a lil break from the paint to man the lens.

…and that’s all folks!  see you soon!




quick and dirty…

May 19, 2012

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

it’s the weekend which means: I WORK! …i haven’t been able to get to the studio for as long as i’d like…but, I AM GOING!!!

DAY 6!…i’ve been to the studio for 6 days in a row, puttin in work! feels great!

“possessed green” a solace custom color for the eyes and teeth on the face pattern.

making it spooky.

sometimes you forget that you’re wearing your favorite sweatshirt whilst painting…and sometimes you don’t notice that the hoodie string has dipped into the paint cup…and sometimes you don’t notice that that same string is whipping around like and out-of-control fire hose until you look down and see the battle damage!…then you cuss a lot and have to get down from the ladder and rinse off the paint from the good watch and scrub the paint out of your hoodie before it dries and it’s lost cause….sometimes you document the evidence…not to relive the pain…but to remind your dumbass not to wear the good ish to the studio!….(note to self, “don’t wear the good ish to the studio!!!”)

quick and dirty…that’s all for now…see you next time friends.