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onward ho!

June 5, 2012

Greetings from the Sollywood Forest

Oh, hey...You getting excited for the show?!? …I am!  …there’s going to be a special musical performance by Dead Hot!!!…I’m going to raffle off a few paintings! We’re gonna have a cocktail special! My family is gonna be there! What else do you need?!?!?

best to get back to work! …a little spritz here…a few speckles there…alright, starting to look sharp!


this might look like a somewhat impressive collection, but most of these cans are a few blasts away from extinction.

Teching out the beast lord.

Keep it spicy friends! …until next time…



(extra super primo shouts out to Vedada for all of the help in realizing this project, and keeping me diligent!)


twelth night

May 25, 2012


Let’s dive right in…shall we….

I spent the day on this wall hashing out the character and jazzing up the window treatment.

doctoring up them shrubs.

i love adding the drop shadow from the character onto the wall…it makes them pop off like crazy!

palette for the leaf pattern. (a.k.a. solace camo, technicolor foliage, sollywood forest)

nature’s stencil

that should just about do it.

oh, hey girl…just putting a few last spritzes on the beast.

always a pleasure…thanks again for stopping by!



(shouts out to John Osgood for the snaps with me in them)