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taming the beast…

June 1, 2012

Howdy all,

I did it! My first “photo real” attempt with spray paint…not terrible…i definitely wanna keep practicing!

the sensation of completion is overwhelming!

i was thinkin this fella would look cool with some lasers shooting out of his grill…

awe yeah!…it’s getting there…

it was hard to see what i was looking at with my nose so close to the piece…i had to keep looking back at the camera screen to see what it was really looking like

prep’n ain’t easy! …get a lil jump start on the next day…

see ya buddy!

Alrighty then, that should do it for now…the show is A WEEK AWAY!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hope to see you there!…and TONIGHT, don’t miss Weirdo‘s show,”Ambiguous” at the Vermillion.




“the early worm gets the bird”

March 11, 2011


so as you  may or may not know, Boxes of Death 2 went down last week and it was truly epic!  tons of cool peeps and a lot of amazing pieces!


….and for your viewing pleasure, here’s what i cooked up…

“the early worm gets the bird”

custom satin’d out coffin with lil hand painted birdie…hand sewn plush stumps, bones, and a 45ft long worm!

the culprit

pretty bird


…thanks DUFFY for the invite and putting together all those coffins!!!

Coming SOON!…

February 22, 2011

Hola Amigos!

Here’s a couple group shows that I’m a part of…they’re both part of March’s 1st Thursday artwalk in pioneer square…this round of artwalks should prove to be AWESOME, since there’s so much going on….

“boxes of death 2”

“blank canvas”

for more details…HIT ME UP!

it’s “a family affair”

March 15, 2010

as you may or may not know, i’ve started a clothing company called, “family fortune” ( the beta version of the website is UP and we’re ready to rock! there’s 4 designs so far…3 designs by yours truly and 1 done by the great Weirdo!!! family fortune offers up and coming artists the chance to have their talents adorned on wearable art in super limited quantities for the collectors out there! each shirt run is limited to only 50!!! i’ll keep the gab to a minimum…:)  we’re having an official launch party and you MUST be there! here’s the deets! questions and comments are always welcome…and PLEASE check out the site! (rob ripley did a bang up job! THANKS ROB!!!)

this is basically a carnival without the cake-walk! you’ll definitely be kicking yourself if you miss this one! tah tah for now!