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fox with this!

May 31, 2012

Ello ello ello!

…as many of you know, or have seen, i have a graphic style…in the spirit of this project and testing skills and patience, i decided to manhandle some aerosol realism… far, so good if i do say so myself…

palette of the beast…a mix of belton molotow and montana94. (this project is wiping out my can stash!)

Oh, hey girl…yeah, just painting this fox….which isn’t nearly as foxy as you!

taming the beast.

don’t bite the hand that paints you!

…hands so fast he could out-spin the Flash!

Thanks for playing along with my antics! Until next time friends…



(Extra special thanks to Jen Lowen from Greenfire for hooking up the printing of the propoganda and Vedada for the snaps.)


twelth night

May 25, 2012


Let’s dive right in…shall we….

I spent the day on this wall hashing out the character and jazzing up the window treatment.

doctoring up them shrubs.

i love adding the drop shadow from the character onto the wall…it makes them pop off like crazy!

palette for the leaf pattern. (a.k.a. solace camo, technicolor foliage, sollywood forest)

nature’s stencil

that should just about do it.

oh, hey girl…just putting a few last spritzes on the beast.

always a pleasure…thanks again for stopping by!



(shouts out to John Osgood for the snaps with me in them)

Day 9

May 22, 2012

Hello there!

Welcome to the day 9 rewind…

i’m finally ready to take this mural portion to the next level

i get by with a lil help from my friends…  being that i’m such an anal bastard when it comes having rich opaque color, i HAD to get some help filling! (THANK YOU Vedada!!!!!)

…now, for a few finishing touches…

little eyes and little teeth need little brushes and some TLC.

…and a lil dab here….

…another lil dab right about here….

..and there we go…that should just about do it.

i’m thinking this lil fella will look real nice on this wall.  i’m SUPER excited!…now that there’s color on every wall and the face pattern is complete, i’m ready to lay down the secondary background elements and start laying out the images and characters!  this is when it gets real fun and fun to watch!

oh, hey girl!…i just wanted to thank you for being so great and peeping out my blog.    (haaaaa clownin!)

until next time….CHEERS!



(SHOUTS OUT FOR THE SNAPS: Vedada and John Osgood)